All-Girl Car Crew In Tokyo Wants To Build A Global Community Of Female Gear Heads (Video)

Seeing how today is international Women’s day, I thought it would be a great time to point out that despite what some internet trolls say, there are in fact female gear heads just like the rest of us.

In an industry and culture that is generally male dominated, it can still be tough (yes even in 2019) for a woman to get some respect from her fellow car enthusiasts.

Especially now in the age of internet trolls, all too often women are written off as “just trying to get attention” or trying to pass their boyfriend’s car off as their own and other various BS claims.

Unfortunately, this type of behavior can discourage other women from getting involved in the culture. Luckily, there are women out there like Naoko Murata.

Murata-san is the founding member of the Tokyo Girls car club which, as the same suggests, is an all-girl car club in Tokyo Japan.

Murata noticed that when cruising social media, she found many female car enthusiasts like her, but she wasn’t seeing them in person very much.

It was then that she took it upon herself to start an all-female car meet (though everyone is invited) so that female gear-heads can gather, hang out, talk cars, and make new friends.

Despite the meeting taking place in Tokyo, Naoko hopes to reach out to women who love cars all over the world and build a bigger, stronger community.

GT Channel did a great short video on this and I invite you to check it out below.


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