Here’s A Preview Of Some Of The Super Bowl Car Ads You’ll See On Sunday

I know what you’re thinking, “you’re not allowed to say ‘Super Bowl’!” Well, I’m hoping the NFL is nice and decides not to sue me.

Anyway the “big game” as most people are calling it, is coming up this Sunday. While I’m pretty invested in the game and its result, we all know there are scores of people who literally just watch the game for the excuse to eat mountains of gloriously unhealthy food and watch the Hollywood-production level commercials.

While I’m interested in those too, I am specifically going to cover and review the car commercials this Sunday so stay tuned for that.

Though in the meantime some commercials have already dropped so I figured I would put them all here with some quick thoughts before kickoff in a few days.


Jeep: “More Than Just Words”

Recently, Jeep has tended to go for the heart strings in their “big game” spots and this one is no exception. Yet it kicks things up quite a bit with a moving and unique take on our National Anthem. This is one that people will be talking about and its already a front runner for my “best commercial” pick.


Jeep: “Crusher”

This spot is wish-fulfillment for any gear head that was painfully forced to watch a car get crushed. It is refreshing to see the car-well, truck in this case, fight back. For a tough looking truck like the new Gladiator, this is the perfect type of introduction to the world. Any truck person who hasn’t already heard of the Gladiator will likely want one after this.


Hyundai: “The Elevator”

While I appreciate Jason Bateman’s quick, pointy, sarcasm as much as the next guy, this spot kind of falls short for me. Yes, its funny but as a “car” ad its a bit of a let down. It’s more about the shopping experience than an actual car. Though this type of spot is perfect for those who aren’t really “car people” but are in the market for a car and haven’t decided what to get yet.


Lexus: “Quarterback Safety System”

So far, this is the longest commercial of the group clocking in at 4 minutes. Because of that I’m pretty sure this ad will likely be broken up into 30 second spots and spread out through the game. Having said that, this is easily the funniest commercial yet. It’s especially funny if you’re a football fan who is tired of how much quarterbacks are coddled. Lexus lampoons the current quarterback situation while simultaneously talking up their real life safety systems. Well done Lexus!


Audi: “Cashew”

While not as funny as the Hyundai spot, this Audi car commercial does a much better job of well, advertising cars. It is a humorous look at our electric car future with a prominent presentation of the Audi e-Tron GT concept. It also builds a bit of anticipation by teasing future e-Tron models as well, one of them looking very much like an R8…

As of writing this, its only Friday so I won’t pick an official winner yet but I’m comfortable with saying that Jeep and Lexus are the current front runners. I should also say that these aren’t the only commercials that have debuted or been teased. Stay tuned as I will do another one of these tomorrow with more “big game” car spots.

For now, let us know what you think of this first batch of commercials in the comments below. Also make sure your following us on twitter this Sunday @MotorworldHype as we’ll probably do some live commentary as the commercials air.


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