FR Legends Is Now On Android

A while back the internet drifting community fell in love with a mobile game called FR Legends. Despite its cutesy, “chibi” art style, the game at its core is a very addictive drifting game with engaging mechanics.

The only problem: it was exclusive to iOS devices (iPhone, iPad) when it launched. Being an Android guy myself (along with millions of others) I was pretty disappointed.

Well today I’m happy to announce that it looks like the developer “feng & iiley” have finally released the Android version of FR Legends and you can get it right now on the Google Play store!

I just downloaded it myself a few moments ago and I’m already hooked.

The game isn’t perfect and the default control scheme may take some getting used to as it utilizes the gyroscope on your smart phone. However, the moment I got the hang of it and held my first drift was very satisfying.

As per usual FR Legends is free to download but real money can be spent on in-game-currency to buy new cars and unlock more drifting courses.

I recommend checking it out if you’re looking for a mobile drifting game worth a damn.

FR Legends trailer:

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