This 11 Year Old Girl Racer Will Probably Be A F1 Champion (Video)

Max Verstappen is only 20 years old, is a serious F1 competitor, likely a future world champion, and is already obsolete.

How can someone talented enough to be an F1 driver at 20 years old be obsolete already?  Just ask Juju Noda, an 11 year old girl from Okayama, Japan.

Juju’s father, Former F1 driver Hideki Noda bought his daughter a racing kart for her third birthday and immediately showed natural talent.

She eventually moved on to a Formula 4 car where she regularly earned victories by defeating adults and now at just 11, she is the youngest professional driver to sign a sponsor.

She’s moved up again to Formula 3 cars and dreams of one day becoming an F1 champion.  At the rate she’s going she may also be the first female F1 champion at that.

While Juju’s father is naturally also her coach, he is definitely not trying to re-live his glory days vicariously through his daughter or put undue pressure on her.

“If she wants to quit tomorrow then that’s it.  My only hope is that she continues to do whatever she wants”, says Hideki.

It’s pretty incredible to see someone so young have this much skill and if I couldn’t see it for myself in the video then I probably wouldn’t believe it.

Check it out for yourself below in an excellent short video done by the “Great Big Story” YouTube channel.

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