“DK’s” Nissan 350Z From “Fast & Furious: Tokyo Drift” Is For Sale

I’m just going to put this out there right away: Fast & Furious Tokyo Drift is probably my least favorite of the Fast & Furious film franchise.

Though one thing I really did like were the cars built for the film.  Sure some of the styling was a little over the top but I still liked them for what they were.

If you agree with me and have six figures burning a hole in your pocket, then you have a chance to own a piece of this film.

The “Drift King” character’s Nissan 350Z from the film is up for auction.  Now, you might be rolling your eyes at this thinking that you don’t want to over pay for some beat up jump/stunt car that is actually just a tube chassis car with a VW bug engine underneath.

This particular car is (according to the seller) one of the “hero” cars, which means this was a screen used car actually driven by the actor playing the “Drift King” role.

Now you might be thinking “OK cool, but that still doesn’t make this car worth a ton of cash”.  To that I’d say: stop being so damn cynical!

I would then follow that up by informing you that this car actually has a full host of real mods, including a APS twin-turbo kit and the Veilside “Version 3” wide-body kit is also authentic.  There are also various other authentic mods as well including Sparco Seats, authentic Veilside wheels and more.

So, when you consider the value of all those mods, the price doesn’t actually seem so bad.  Oh, that price by the way is currently sitting at 99,650 GDP which translates to about $133,167 US dollars.

Considering you’d be getting a piece of automotive film history which a host of legit mods, I think that isn’t a bad deal provided that the price doesn’t get driven much higher from additional bids.

If you want your shot at the car then I invite you to hit up the auction page and throw in a bid!

What do you think about this auction?  Do you think this car is worth the price?  What movie car would you want to own in real life?  Let us know in the comments below or tweet to us at @MotorworldHype.

[Source: AutoTrader.co.uk via Hypebeast.com]

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