New Teaser Image & Video Of AMG Mercedes Project One

Today Mercedes AMG dropped a brand new teaser video as well as a teaser image of the soon to be revealed Project One supercar set to debut at Frankfurt.

In the last teaser video we saw Lewis Hamilton enter a secret room after entering the code “0611”.  However, the video ends before we get to see him enter the room.

In the new video below we get to see what’s on the other side and at first it seems to be his Mercedes AMG W08 EQ F1 car but as he approaches a hint of Project One’s lines laser project over the race car.

This lends credence to the rumor that Project One will be powered by a street-legal version of the engine found in the F1 car.

In addition to the video Mercedes also released a new teaser image of the front of Project One which does look somewhat similar to the speculative rendering that MBWorld did back in February.

You can easily make out the “snorkel” which feeds air to the gas-powered bit of the 1,000hp (confirmed by Mercedes AMG) power plant.

For a better look at the teaser image just click the thumbnail below.  You can also check out the new teaser video below that as well.

Mercedes AMG Project ONE


Mercedes AMG Project ONE teaser video:


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