Mercedes Teases AMG “Project One” With Lewis Hamilton (Video)

For the last few months now we’ve known that Mercedes AMG arm has been working on their next super car dubbed “Project One.”

To date, all that’s really known about the Project One is that it will employ a gas/electric hybrid power train.

There are rumors that suggest the gasoline engine will be a road-legal version of the very same F1 engine that the Mercedes-AMG Petronas team is using right now; though there is nothing to really substantiate that.

Fortunately, all of our questions will be answered soon as it is believed that Mercedes is going to reveal the Project One at the Frankfurt Motor Show next month.

To get everyone hyped, Mercedes AMG is starting to drop clues and hits via a series of teaser videos.  The first of which features Lewis Hamilton himself exploring a secret warehouse full of legendary AMG race cars.

Then at the end Lewis enters a secret elevator using the code “611” before being bathed in yellow light. Mysterious is it not?

A further clue was in the video’s description on its YouTube page which may possibly reveal Project One’s fuel economy:

“Fuel consumption combined: 11.4 l/100km | CO2 emissions: 259 g/km” which for us yanks transfers to roughly 20 miles to the gallon if my math is right.

Which is pretty good for a hypercar that is likely to have 4-digit horsepower.  As for the “611” code Lewis types into the keypad, well I have no idea the significance of it.  It may not mean anything at all but I figured I’d note it just in case.

What do you think the “611” code means?  Share your conspiracy theories in the comments below or tweet them to us at @MotorworldHype.


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