JDM Tuner With Beautiful Mind Builds Quad-Turbo 2JZ Powered Nissan Silvia

Somewhere in the pastures of Japan lives a wizard of a man named Takuro.  Takuro-san is the owner of Caroline Racing, a tuning shop that pretty much does anything you can imagine with cars.  YouTuber Noriyaro recently visited Takuro’s residence only to find a JDM forest of crazy tuner cars, race cars, and a massive jet engine that Takuro plans on installing onto a car.

Though what Noriyaro was really there to see was Takuro’s famous Nissan Silvia.  Now, built Silvia’s aren’t all that special in Japan but this one is definitely different.  Takuro yanked out the stock SR20DET engine and replaced it with a Toyota 2JZ engine.  “Big deal!” You say?  But wait, there’s more!

After the motor-swap Takuro added not one, not two, but four turbos and two throttle bodies!  What?!  Seriously!  I’m not exactly sure how  you get four turbos to work on one six cylinder engine but this guy figured it out, mostly anyway.

In the video Takuro has a bit of trouble getting the car running, but once it does, it sounds insane!  If you want to see it all for yourself, check out the video below.

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