Hype: This Is What Mercedes “Project One” Hypercar Could Look Like

The news has been out for some time now that Mercedes-AMG has been working on a new hypercar code named “Project One” that looks to bring much of their F1 tech to the street.  We don’t know when the car will make its debut but people have already been hitting up dealerships trying to put one on order, even popular YouTube car vlogger Salomondrin tried (unsuccessfully) to reserve one.  Besides not knowing when it will debut, we also have no idea what it will look like.  That didn’t stop MBWorld.org from speculating about it though.

In fact, the Mercedes community site even went as far as to commission a rendering based on what they think the Project One will look like and it is amazing!  Their take on it definitely has a lot of influence from the Mercedes AMG GT but there is also a taste of the AMG Vision Gran Turismo concept and maybe a few Pinafarina inspired bits as well.  Then, just because they could, a massive LeMans-style fin was implemented into their speculative design.  It sounds weird but we think it works!


For a closer look at the MBWorld.org rendering, click the thumbnail above for a HD-sized image.  To see more of the rendering visit MBWorld.org or hit the source link below.

[Source: MBWorld.org]

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