Movie Hype: New Cars 3 Teaser Gives A Closer Look At The New Characters (Video)

Three new teasers for Cars 3 were released today and unlike the somewhat dark tone of the last teaser, these new spots simply highlight two of the new characters, Cruz Ramirez and Jackson Storm.  The third spot focuses on Lightning McQueen himself.

There isn’t too much to be gleaned from these new teasers though they do answer a few questions.  Namely, it addresses the type of car that “Jackson Storm” really is.  When Storm was seen in the previous Cars 3 teaser, some speculated that he may have been an electric vehicle due to the sound of his engine.  However, in his character teaser video we clearly see an exhaust so that theory is debunked.

In addition to the new teaser videos, images featuring a spec sheet were released for each character respectively.  For example we learn that Cruz Ramirez has a DOHC V6 engine and is from a manufacturer called “CRS”.  Despite having a smaller engine her top speed and 0-60 time are faster than Lightning McQueen.  While Jackson Storm is literally the 2.0 version of Lightning McQueen’s model and is pretty much more advanced in every way.  If you’re a fan of the series, its all pretty fun stuff to read!  I really like how Pixar puts these little details into the Cars films.

cars3_lightningmcqueen_specs cars3_cruzramierz_specs cars3_jacksonstorm_specs

You can read the specs in each character’s image by clicking the thumbnails above.  You can also check out the teasers all cut together into one video below.

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