SEMA 2016: A Closer Look At Chris Forsberg’s Golden Datsun 280Z

When it comes to SEMA its really easy to get caught up in the high-profile builds that have equally high-profile sponsors.  Though it is for good reason, most of the time those types of builds are pretty exciting and nice to look at.  Though, after doing this for a while I find it pretty refreshing to see a more personal project that has been elevated to the grand stage.  If you follow three time (including 2016) Formula Drift Champion Chris Forsberg on Instagram or Twitter then you have probably seen his pride and joy Datsun 280Z.

Chris has had the Datsun for years now and often takes it for drives to clear his head but still finds room to make the occasional post about it while visiting his automotive place of Zen.  This year Chris decided to give his personal project a top to bottom rebuild and bring it along with him to the SEMA show.  As you might imagine, Chris never really drove his 280Z around in stock form.  In fact, what you’ll see here is actually the result of its third rebuild or what Chris refers to as “3.0”.

What does the 280Z get the third time around?  Well it all starts outside with an absolutely amazing multi-piece “Moonbeam” widebody kit featuring a G-Nose conversion from CarbonSignal Automotive.  CarbonSignal Automotive is a shop in Dubai that specializes in creating FRP and carbon fiber body kits for Japanese vintage cars.  So, to answer your question yes, several pieces of the elaborate aero kit on Chris’ car are made from sweet, sweet carbon fiber.  All the pieces were fitted before the entire car was sprayed with a brilliant gold hue, with a few areas left exposed to show off some of that carbon goodness.

sema2016_chrisforsberg_datsun280z-1 sema2016_chrisforsberg_datsun280z-2 sema2016_chrisforsberg_datsun280z-3 sema2016_chrisforsberg_datsun280z-4

Under the hood the previous SR20DET was scrapped in favor of a completely rebuilt and beautifully installed RB25DET with a massive turbo on it.  To finish it off the interior was completely redone in lots of cushy alcantara.  The final product came out so nicely that it actually won a Gran Turismo award!

Rex Torres was able to snap a few pictures of “Datsun 3.0” for us.  Click on the thumbnails for HD resolution pics and let us know how you like Chris’ creation and sharing your thoughts in the comments below or tweeting to us @MotorworldHype!

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