Hype Video: First Teaser For Cars 3 Is Surprisingly Bleak

Those who know me, know that I love Disney Pixar’s Cars franchise.  So, when news broke that a third movie was in the works I was pretty excited and I’ve tried to keep you guys updated on it as well.  Today, Pixar released the first teaser trailer and unlike the optimistic tones of the first two films, Cars 3 looks to be going in a surprisingly dark direction.  A while back, Cars 3 director Brian Fee revealed that the story would revolve around Lightning McQueen being literally left behind by younger, faster race cars and enlists the help of a young female racer named Cruz Ramirez to make him competitive again.

Naturally I thought that premise would make for an emotional but light-hearted tone.  However, judging by the teaser trailer it looks like things may get a bit more serious than I first thought.  Watch the teaser trailer below and then let me know what you thought of it in the comments or tweet to us @Motorworldhype.

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