Hype: Up Close With The New Civic Si Concept (VIDEO)

At the LA Auto Show this year Honda brought not one but two Civic concepts: the Type R Prototype which made its American debut at SEMA, and the Civic Si coupe which made its world premiere in Los Angeles.  Though, at first glance neither car really looks like a “concept”.  They both look like production models ready to go.  This is especially true for the Civic Si coupe in our opinion.  So, why is it still a “concept” and what new information did Honda reveal about the Si?  Both of those questions are answered in the video below.

TL;DW: If you don’t have the time to watch it I’ll give you the cliff notes.  The Civic Si coupe is still a concept because Honda isn’t done shaking down the engine yet.  By the way it was announced that the Civic Si’s engine will be an enhanced version of the 1.5 liter turbo VTEC engine found in current Civics.  Though many questions remain such as horsepower numbers and MSRP.  That last number is particularly important as the Si’s price will determine if it will make sense to buy it instead of saving up for the more expensive Civic Type R.  For more tasty shots of the Civic Si coupe concept check out the gallery below.  Just click on a thumbnail for a larger version.  Afterwards, let us know your thoughts on the new Civic Si in the comments below, or tweet to us at @MotorworldHype!

[Photos: Kristina Tovar]

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