Hype: BMW’s 2002 Hommage Concept Pays Tribute To The Turbo

The BMW 2002 Hommage concept isn’t exactly new but when it made its original debut back in May, it was sporting a bit of a futuristic take on the popular “M” livery.  At Pebble Beach this weekend BMW has re-skinned their 2002 Hommage concept to pay tribute to the 2002’s role of brining factory turbocharged cars to the mainstream.  The original 2002 was the first  production turbocharged car BMW ever, well, produced.  Though BMW took a break from turbocharging for a while, its recently come back to the brand in a big way.  Nearly every vehicle in their line up has a turbocharger under the hood.

BMW_2002_Hommage_concept_1 BMW_2002_Hommage_concept_2 BMW_2002_Hommage_concept_3 BMW_2002_Hommage_concept_4 BMW_2002_Hommage_concept_5

It would make sense then that BMW would want to give a wink and a nod to the 2002 to celebrate their re-kindled love for the snail.  Super motorsport nerds will recognize that the livery on this car is actually a play on the original Jagermeister livery worn by the Schluter Motorsport 2002 race car from 1974.  Though, on the Hommage concept all references to Jagermeister have been changed to “Turbomeister”.

BMW_2002_Hommage_concept_6 BMW_2002_Hommage_concept_7 BMW_2002_Hommage_concept_8 BMW_2002_Hommage_concept_9 BMW_2002_Hommage_concept_10

Personally, I think I dig this new look more than the classic M sport livery.  Though either way I suppose it doesn’t matter since this is just a concept.  However, I’m still crossing my fingers that some BMW exec will make the crazy decision (perhaps after a few shots of Jager?) to put this car into production.

In the meantime if you want a closer look at the Turbomeister BMW 2002 Hommage then just click the thumbnails for larger pictures.  For more info check out the press release below.

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