Drift Hype: Fredric Aasbo Wins Formula Drift Round 3

This weekend Formula Drift was in Orlando Florida for the third round of their Pro and Pro 2 championships.  Hopefully you had a chance to watch the livestream we posted!  If not, then it will probably be available on demand soon, though you might not be as interested since you already know who won considering you read the title of this post.  Anyway!  Let’s do a quick recap of Formula Drift Round 3 shall we?

The weekend started off with Vaughn Gittin Jr claiming the number one qualifying spot potentially setting him up for a productive weekend.  However hopes of that were dashed when Vaughn lost to privateer Jhonnattan Castro in his new Scion FR-S in the Top 16.  The match up between Castro and Gittin was set up by Long Beach Winner Chelsea DeNofa being disqualified and removed from competition in the Top 32 due to officials learning that Chelsea was using a chemical substance to bond his tires to his rims to keep them from debeading.  Any “devices” used to keep tires on rims such as bead locks and in this case a chemical are forbidden by Formula Drift because it could allow competitors to run lower tire pressures than competitors who do not have such devices.  This gave Castro a bye run which lead to his eventual match up against Vaughn.  You can read more about Chelsea’s disqualification at WreckedMagazine.com.

Another shocker from Top 32 was 2011 Formula Drift Champion Dai Yoshihara (who qualified 8th for this event) lost to Finnish privateer Juha Rintanen due to Dai making a mistake on his chase run and being sucked up into the wall.  Aasbo had a wake up call in the Top 32 as well when Andy Gray forced Aasbo into a OMT (One More Time) but Aasbo eventually pulled out a win.  After going through two more OMTs against Tyler McQuarrie alone Aasbo eventually made it to the finals to face Kristaps Bluss.  Kristaps managed to take down two former champions (Mike Essa in Top 32 and Chris Forsberg in Final Four) to make it to the finals against Aasbo and he was on a mission for a win.  However, in a controversial call, during Kristaps lead run Aasbo made contact with him and the judges rulled the contact as Kristaps’ fault which gave the win to Aasbo.

Aasbo’s win puts him in the championship points lead.  Chris Forsberg landed a 3rd place victory and that also puts him third in the points race as well.  The next round of Formula Drift will be in New Jersey at the infamous Wall Speedway.  A track known for wreaking havoc on drift cars due to its suspension crushing transition from its bank to its flat infield.  It will be interesting to see how things shake out there!  Stay tuned!

Formula Drift Round 3 podium:

1st: Fredric Aasbo
2nd: Kristaps Bluss
3rd: Chris Forsberg

Formula Drift 2016 Championship Points Standings:

1st: Fredric Aasbo 206 points
2nd: Vaughn Gittin Jr 194 points
3rd: Chris Forsberg 168 points
4th: Odi Bakchis 153 points
5th: Tyler McQuarrie 150 points

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