F1 Hype: Spanish Grand Prix Quick Result (With Video)

OK, I know when I usually do this I give you a hard time about missing the race but considering that we’ve fallen a bit behind ourselves we’ll spare you the hypocrisy.  Though, we will say that it was a pretty crazy event and things did not end the way you thought they might have as you’ll see once you glance at the podium results below.  We also have the full NBC Sports F1 Extra post-race show embedded below so you can get a recap on all that happened.


2016 Spanish Grand Prix Podium Results:

1st: Max Verstappen
2nd: Kimi Raikkonen
3rd: Sebastian Vettel

Crazy right?! Pretty sure Max Verstappen is the youngest person to win an F1 race at 18 years old.  What were you doing at 18 huh?  Check out the post race show below to see just how this all unfolded in Barcelona.

NBS Sports F1 Extra post-race show:

[Photo: Mercedes Benz]

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