Hype Video: The Batman v Superman Batmobile Has Tires From An Israeli Farm Truck

We are just about two weeks away from Batman v Superman hitting theatres (I got my ticket) so the hype machine is almost at redline.  As we get closer to the release DC is going full tilt with details about the film and today they’ve released a short but informative video interview with Patrick Tatopoulos.  While his name may not sound familiar Mr. Tatopoulos is the production designer for Batman v Superman and was responsible for the new Batmobile’s design as well.

In the interview Patrick talks about some of his inspirations behind the Batmobile’s design and some of its challenges.  For example, Patrick couldn’t find rear tires that were the right size for his design.  Just when he was about to give up he got lucky and found that a set of tires meant for a special Israeli Farm Truck were almost a perfect fit.  They took a little more shaping to be exact but it worked out!  Watch the video below for more tidbits.

Speaking of Batman v Superman; Who’s side are you on?  Batman’s or Superman’s?  Let us know in the comments or tweet to us at @MotorworldHype.

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