Hype Bowl: The Three Best Car Commercials Of Super Bowl 50


We’ve explored the worst, now we get to talk about the Super Bowl 50 car commercials that were actually good.  What a relief right?  Despite the fact that the commercials below are (what I think) are the best of the crop this year, none of them particularly blew my mind.  However, they did their job by being memorable, entertaining, and well, not sucking.  With that said lets take a look at the top three!

#3 “Commander” (Audi)

In this commercial a retired astronaut has pretty much gone catatonic from feeling that his best days are behind him.  He stares at pictures of his past accomplishments and seems to sink into despair.  Luckily right before the commercial becomes painfully depressing, his son shows up with his brand new Audi R8 and gives the keys to his father.  Once in the driver’s seat, the retired astronaut seems to regain his vigor as the car’s acceleration reminds him of lift off.  The premise may be a bit cheesy but it tugs on the heart strings just enough.  Combine its good execution with a David Bowie soundtrack and you have the makings of a memorable spot.

#2 “Defy Labels” (MINI)

I love it when a car commercial can have a great message without being too preachy.  This MINI commercial pulls that off nicely.  It features sports celebrities and people of all walks of life: men, women, gay, straight, tall, short defiantly listing off some of the stereotype labels that have plagued the MINI over the years.  Its really effective and is a cool way to remind people not to invest too heavily in cultural labels or stereotypes.

#1  “Portraits” (Jeep)

In 2016 Jeep is celebrating its 75th birthday.  There are a lot of bombastic over the top ways that Jeep/Chrysler could have celebrated the occasion, especially considering the grand stage of the Super Bowl.  Yet, Jeep didn’t go for the big blow out.  Instead they used a more subtle but poignant approach by celebrating the role that Jeep has played in American history and celebrating the people who own Jeeps and really use them for what they’re built for.  Its a brilliant piece and I think it deserves the number one spot.

There you have it.  My picks for the best car commercials of this year’s Super Bowl.  What do you think?  Do you agree with my choices or do you have your own list of the commercials you thought were the best?  Let me know in the comments or tweet to us at @MotorworldHype.

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