Hype Video: How Different Is The FIAT 124 Spider From Its Mazda Cousin?


At the LA Auto Show FIAT debuted the first roadster they’ve produced in 50 years, the 124 Spider.  This is a car that many “in the know” were anticipating for quite some time.  It was years ago when we learned that Mazda and FIAT were working on a joint project together where Mazda’s side of the project would be the new MX-5 while FIAT would get their own roadster.  Now we finally know what FIAT baked up in Italy.  While the 124 Spider and MX-5 do share a chassis there are significant differences such as the obvious sheet metal design but there are also a few key differences under the hood as well.  I get into all of that in the video below as well as a quick tour of the interior.  Check it out!

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