Hype: Our Top 5 Scariest, Spookiest Cars From TV And Film


Tomorrow is Halloween AKA the day women use as an excuse to wear gloriously revealing costumes, AKA the last day before major retail stores can ignore Thanksgiving and put up all their Christmas decorations, AKA the day before the biggest candy sale of the year.  Anyway, Halloween is all about everything scary and creepy so I thought I would give you all a quick run down of my top five scariest cars from film and television.  Fair warning though I’m an 80s kid so most of the cars on this list are from that era.  That may be more or less scary depending on who you ask…  Anyway here we go I’m going to start from #5 and work our way to #1!

5. Death Proof -1970 Chevy Nova


This is the most recent car (in a manner of speaking) on the list is the 1970 Chevy Nova from the Quentin Tarantino film “Death Proof”.  The short horror film revolves around three women who are on the hunt for a Dodge Challenger similar to the one from the classic film “Vanishing Point.”  Unfortunately for the women they get chased and terrorized by a psychopath driving a 1970 Chevy Nova stunt car that has been rigged to be “Death Proof”.  Basically this crazy killer thinks that as long as he is inside the car he can’t die.  He uses this belief as a green light to go on a murder spree.  Its pretty creepy!

4. Munster Koach -Ford Model T


OK so this car won’t be really scary or creepy to any adults but when I was a kid watching re-runs of “The Munsters” it got to be a little bit!  Today though I think this is one of the most awesome hot-rods ever created.  Movie Car legend George Barris was tapped to create a big scary hot rod for America’s favorite horror family and he transformed a Ford Model T into just that.  Dubbed the “Munster Koach” it took Herman Munster and his family on all kinds of crazy adventures.

3. Christine -1958 Plymouth Fury


If you are into scary movies and haven’t seen “Christine” then you are doing yourself a dis-service.  This flick is legit creepy!  Its about a car that is possessed and is bent on maiming and killing any human being that comes near it!  It starts off by closing its hood on someone’s hand and then it suffocates another person with its exhaust fumes!  And that’s just the beginning.  By the time this movie is over “Christine” racks up quite the body count.  To this day I still wonder if the classic cars I come across are inhabited by some type of evil spirit…

2. The Wraith -D 1984 Dodge M4s Turbo Interceptor


The Wraith is a pretty bad movie but its also pretty gruesome which is why it made my list.  Its all about a teen that comes back from the dead to get revenge on the gang of crazy street racers that killed him.  That sounds like a decent premise but where it all starts to get weird is that the teen comes back as some kind of weird daft punk reject looking dude driving a Dodge sports car prototype.  However, once the film gets to all the murder-y-bits then it starts to get disturbing.  If nothing else its still fun to see a group of d-bags get their come-up-ins.

1. Maximum Overdrive -1986 Semi-Truck


This is hands down one of the worst movies ever made.  Its story about how random machines come to life after being exposed to radiation after the Earth passes through the tail of a comet.  Seriously that’s what happens!  I know that sounds incredibly stupid but please understand something: I was like 5 years old when I saw this movie for the first time!  Also, the main villain of the film was a black semi-truck with a GIANT fiber glass green-goblin face on the front of it!  Also it played creepy carnival-like music whenever it showed up!  It was terrifying!! I was literally afraid of trucks for like a year after!

So, there you have it.  Those are my top five scariest cars.  Did any of those cars creep you out when you were younger?  Am I just crazy?  What do you think are the scariest cars you’ve ever seen?  Let us know in the comments or tweet to us at @MotorworldHype.




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