Hype: Lexus Teases The Headlight Of Their New Concept. Backs It Up With Three Sentences. Seriously.


The month of teasers continues!  Today we have a teaser of a concept that Lexus is bringing to the Tokyo Motor Show this year and this may just win the award for the most vague teaser ever.  Generally speaking when OEMs release teaser images we at least get a hint of a body panel or the full car’s silhouette.  However this teaser is almost exclusively just a headlight.  There are very small hints of a front vender and hood but really the star of this photo is the headlight.

Believe it or not it gets more vague as the press release to accompany the teaser image is only three sentences!  Also, none of those sentences detail anything about the teaser image in question.  Really Lexus?  A headlight and three sentences?  I get that you want to keep things under wraps but if you are going to get people excited for your concept you gotta give us more than a headlight.  If a headlight is all you have then give us at least one sentence that hints to what is being teased!

The only thing about this that provides any insight is the title of the release which is “Lexus’ Vision of Progressive Luxury.”  Which tells us that this will be a luxury car but given that Lexus is a luxury brand I think most people would have figured that out anyway.


Admittedly it seems like I am being mostly negative about this but I am genuinely interested in what this concept will look like and what it will represent.  And to be totally fair, even though all Lexus gave us is a headlight I will admit it is a cool looking headlight.  I’m just giving them a hard time because I think the “teaser” strategy is becoming too obligatory.  I’d rather an OEM not say anything about what they plan to reveal at an auto show and surprise everyone than put out an incredibly vague image and press release just because its part of the current marketing playbook and this is coming from someone with a marketing degree!

Anyhow, what do you think this concept will be all about?  We have very little to go on so its open season on speculation here.  Could this be a new super luxury sedan?  SUV? Crossover? A hybrid?  Maybe a replacement for the CT200h?  Click the thumbnail for a bigger picture of this radical headlight and let us know your theories in the comments or tweet to us at @MotorworldHype.

Oh and if you didn’t believe me about the press release you can see it for yourself in its entirety below.

Press Release:

October 21, 2015

See it all here, at 13:45 (JST) on October 28th.What do you want to see and know about most from the Lexus booth? Tell us by using hashtag #LexusInTokyo and you may receive an image or video reply from Lexus.

Learn more at: http://www.lexus-int.com/motorshow/2015-tokyo-motor-show/

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