Racer Justin Wilson Passes Away From Injuries Sustained In Accident


I am sad to report that Justin Wilson has passed away due to injuries he suffered during the Indy Car race over the past weekend.  Wilson was struck in the head by the nose cone of Sage Karem’s car after it spun and hit the wall in turn 1 at Pocono raceway.  It appeared as if Justin Wilson was instantly knocked out when he was struck by the debris.  After the safety crew realized that Justin was unconscious and unresponsive he was air lifted to the closest hospital.  A few hours later a statement was released that Justin was in a coma and in critical condition.

Sadly yesterday afternoon Justin Wilson passed away at the hospital.  Justin Wilson’s career has spanned decades and various disciplines but most of his success came once he arrived in the states to compete in the Champ Car series and then later the Indy Car series.

Justin Wilson was easy to spot due to his height (he was one of the tallest professional drivers in the world) and his smile.  He was regarded by many of his fellow drivers as being extremely kind, warm, and giving.  He always made sure that his driving contracts would include saving some space on his cars to promote charitable organizations that he believed in.  He was also an advocate for driver and spectator safety in motorsports.

Justin is survived by his wife Juila and his two daughters.  Justin also has a younger brother Stefan who is also a race driver and has competed in the Indy Lights series and the Indy Car series.

Our thoughts are with his family and friends.  I will miss watching Justin drive but I’ll continue to root for him.

In lieu of flowers his family and friends ask that if you can, donate to Justin Wilson’s children’s fund at the following address:

Wilson Children’s Fund, c/o INDYCAR, 4551 W. 16th St., Indianapolis, IN 46222.

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