Indy Car News: Justin Wilson In Coma After Being Struck In The Head By Debris During Race


Veteran driver Justin Wilson is currently in a coma after suffering a head injury during the ABC Supply 500 race in Pocono over the weekend.  The incident occurred when driver Sage Karam who was leading the race, suddenly lost control of his car and hit a wall.  On impact pieces of his car flew off and on to the track.  As drivers were trying to avoid the debris, Wilson was struck in the head with what is believed to have been the nose cone of Karam’s car.  After the impact Wilson was immediately knocked unconscious and his car coasted off and hit an inner wall.

When the safety team reached him he was still unconscious and unresponsive so he was immediately air lifted to the local hospital.  A short while later an update was released stating that Wilson is was in a coma and is in critical condition.  Currently there have been no further updates.  Justin Wilson is still in a coma and is condition is still classified as “critical”.  Doctors are continuing to evaluate him.

Fellow drivers from various motorsports have been tweeting out their well wishes for Justin Wilson with the hashtag #PrayersForJustin.

As soon as any further updates are released this post will be updated and/or a new post will go up.

Our thoughts are with Justin Wilson, his family, and his friends.

[Photo: Indy Car]

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