Hype Video: Watch The New Batmobile Chase The Joker’s Metallic Purple Super Car In Suicide Squad Spy Footage


These days its getting harder and harder to keep anything under wraps.  Especially due to the fact that just about every person on the planet is carrying a full video distribution platform in their pocket AKA a smartphone.  Such are the woes that big budget Hollywood productions have to deal with.  A major victim of leaks lately has been the highly anticipated Suicide Squad film that is currently shooting in Toronto, Canada.  After months of speculation on whether or not Ben Affleck’s Batman would show up in the villain-centric film, we now have confirmation in the form of spy footage that was shot by two by-standers who managed to capture the new Batmobile (which will also be featured in Batman v Superman) chasing the Joker’s car which appears to be a knock-off of the Lykan Hypersport but wrapped in metallic purple.

The biggest takeaway for me in viewing these clips is that it appears that the production team is taking a page from the Christopher Nolan playbook and making sure their Batmobile is a real working vehicle that can drive at practical speeds.  The second thing that stands out is just how wide the new Batmobile is.  In one of the clips you can clearly see the Batmobile’s size compared to “regular” cars in the scene and it almost looks as if its two cars wide and one and a half cars long.  It definitely has a large footprint.  Watch the clips below to see what I mean and watch them soon because they may be taken down at any moment!

Afterwards let us know what you think of the new Batmobile and the Joker’s ride.  Has your opinion of the Batmobile changed now that you’ve seen it in action?  What do you think of the Joker’s car?  Let us know in the comments or tweet to us at @MotorworldHype

Twitter video clip:

YouTube video clip (fast forward to 25 seconds in):

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