Hype Video: Take A Lap Around Downtown LA With Magnus Walker In “Midnight Rambler” By eGarage


Normally driving through, around, or anywhere near downtown Los Angeles is an exercise in frustration and a massive test of patience.  I know this from experience.  What I didn’t know is that once it gets late in hours, the LA streets open up and it actually becomes one heck of a place to take a drive.  This is demonstrated by Porsche aficionado Magnus Walker in a beautifully cinematic fashion in a 5 minute film dubbed “Midnight Rambler” produced by eGarage.

Simple in presentation there are no added frills or effects.  The only theatrical score in this film is the sound of Walker’s 1971 911 street/track car.  Having said that, you’ll definitely want to turn the sound up for this video.  Enjoy it below!

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