Hype: Let Other Drivers Know How You Feel With LED Rear Window Display From Think Geek


It has happened to all of us.  We are driving along going about our business and some horse-turd in another car does something stupid like cut us off, tailgates us in the slow lane, or throws a rubber chicken at us (I live in LA, it can happen).  Anyhow, it is in those moments that the one finger salute isn’t always adequate enough to articulate our true feelings to the offending driver.  However, short of some epic road rage meltdown, there isn’t really any other way to communicate from car to car without doing something crazy. …Until now!

Think Geek has released the Drivemotion LED Car Sign, a small LED display device with 16 pre-programmed messages that can be mounted to the rear window of your car so you can truly let any tailgating mofos know what you really think.  The Drivemotion can display text but also “emoji” like characters that are also pretty good at personifying one’s feelings.  For those pacifists out there who are all about peace and love, it should be noted that the Drivemotion can also display positive messages like a “thank you” directed towards a car that lets you in or a “have a nice day” to everyone.  Although if you’re a real misanthrope those messages could be used cynically as well.  The key here is versatility!

The only downside is that users of the Drivemotion cannot create custom messages and the controller for the unit only has three buttons.  This means cycling through the 16 different messages requires several button presses.  So, unless a user knows all the button combinations by heart it may take to long to bring up the appropriate message and the intended recipient may be long gone.  Or it may be easy to accidentally display the wrong message.  It would suck to call someone an idiot when you meant to thank them for giving you space!

Either way this is a step in the right direction.  If you want to try out the Drivemotion LED Car Sign you can pick it up on ThinkGeek.com for about 40 bucks!

[Source: ThinkGeek.com]

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