Hype Rumor: Indy Car To Add Circuit Of The Americas To 2015 Schedule?


The Circuit Of The Americas is a beautiful race track in Texas that is essentially America’s answer to Abu Dhabi’s Yas Marina Circuit.  Despite the Circuit Of The Americas (or COTA) being a purpose built F1 track a few other motorsports have had lots of success there including Moto GP.  Yet, since COTA opened, the Indy Car Series has not added it to its schedule.  However, there is a rumor fresh off the interwebs that suggests that Indy Car may finally visit COTA this year.  The theory behind this rumor comes off the heels that Indy Car’s opening race in Brazil was suddenly canceled by track officials with no explanation given to the public or to Indy Car.

With the rug suddenly pulled from under them and with one race short on their calendar it might be possible that the Indy Car Series and COTA can strike a deal for a race to replace the canceled Brazil event.  The question is, will it happen?  Is it even being discussed by the decision makers?  No one knows for sure.  As mentioned before, all this falls strictly under the rumor category.

If we get any more information about this we will let you know ASAP!

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