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12 Days Of Hype: Hit The Open Road And Enjoy!


Its Christmas eve! For those who celebrate we want to wish you all a Merry Christmas and we hope you enjoy this time with your friends and family.  Today is also the last “12 Days Of Hype” post.  By now its probably too late to get any kind of physical gift for the holidays.  The good news is this post isn’t simply a product that can be bought off a shelf.  See, if you love cars or know someone who loves cars one of the biggest joys is driving.  Car lovers need little reason nor excuse to jump behind the wheel of their project or even their daily driver to go for a drive.  So, we would suggest that as a gift for that car lover in your life (or yourself if you’re that car lover) you plan a road trip.  Preferably to somewhere you’ve never been and make sure you take the scenic route.  Stop a long the way to take pictures.  Enjoy the ride and the road.  Its a great experience, especially if its with friends or loved ones.  Memories can be made that will be far more valuable than any amount of money you may spend or have already spent on other gifts.  Besides gas is kind of cheap right now!

And with that we will take a short break as we enjoy the holiday and bring in the new year.  We will definitely be back in 2015 to keep bringing you news, stories, and hyping all the cool things we think you would like.  We also want to take this time to thank you for taking some time from your day to visit our little corner of the internet this year.  We really appreciate it and are humbled that there are people who actually care enough about what we have to say to read our words!

Next year we have a few new things we want to try and as the time comes we will reveal more details but we are looking forward to it!  Happy Holidays!


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