SEMA 2014: The Ringbrothers “Recoil” Chevelle Is Everything We Love About Custom Cars


I have seen a lot of modified cars in my time.  There are builders out there who do pretty crazy, unique things.  However, I have never seen anyone transform a car the way that the Ringbrothers do.  They pretty much invented the “resto-mod” style which is essentially restoring classic cars but adding modern twists.  Typically when you see a rest0-mod car it may just be a nicely restored older car with a modern engine and a few modern tweaks to the dashboard but the Ringbrothers take it several steps further than that.

SEMA2014_Ringbrothers_Recoil_1 SEMA2014_Ringbrothers_Recoil_2 SEMA2014_Ringbrothers_Recoil_3 SEMA2014_Ringbrothers_Recoil_4 SEMA2014_Ringbrothers_Recoil_5

To these guys the word “custom” is taken as literal as possible.  They will go as far as to design unique one of a kind parts in 3D make plugs of them and have custom plastic and or metal parts made from those designs to incorporate into their builds.  If you want to see a great example of that check out their famous “Afterburner” build.

SEMA2014_Ringbrothers_Recoil_6 SEMA2014_Ringbrothers_Recoil_7 SEMA2014_Ringbrothers_Recoil_8 SEMA2014_Ringbrothers_Recoil_9 SEMA2014_Ringbrothers_Recoil_10

Their newest build “Recoil” has just made its debut at the SEMA show and it is looking like this could be their new marquee creation.  Starting off as a 1966 Chevrolet Chevelle, Mike and Jim Ring took it completely apart and rebuilt it piece by piece replacing much of it with custom parts designed in their minds and made real through fabrication.  “Recoil” is the end result: a super clean muscle car with amazing lines and carbon fiber hiding everywhere.  Oh, and if anyone thinks that this car is all show all they need to do is look under the hood to find a 980HP supercharged 427 cubic inch V8 mated to a custom 6-speed transmission.  Recoil really is the whole package and I am officially in love with it.  Hopefully, someday I can commission the Ringbrothers to build something for me!  In the meantime I am just going to go ahead and drool over these pictures.  I invite you to do the same!

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