SEMA 2014: Here Is A Pair Of Liberty Walk Porsche 997s Because Why Not?


RWB pretty much owns the conversation when it comes to widebody Porsches these days.  Despite widebody Porsches being around for decades it was RWB who brought them back to current consciousness due to Nakai-san’s homage to the widebodies of old.  However, anyone who knows RWB knows that they keep their treatments exclusive to 911 examples that came out in the 80s and 90s.  What is someone to do who owns a 997?  Where do they go if they want a piece of Japanese-designed widebody goodness?  Who will answer that call?  None other than Liberty Walk, that’s who!

SEMA2014_LibertyWalk_Porsche997_3 SEMA2014_LibertyWalk_Porsche997_4 SEMA2014_LibertyWalk_Porsche997_5 SEMA2014_LibertyWalk_Porsche997_6 SEMA2014_LibertyWalk_Porsche997_7

For those of you who are unaware who Liberty Walk is, imagine them as automotive stylist who are all about extreme tastes and holding nothing sacred.  Specifically, they have no qualms about cutting up a brand new six figure exotic car to put their take on it.  Don’t believe me? Do a Google search for “Liberty Walk Ferrari 458”.  Yes, they chopped up a brand new Ferrari 458!  It looks awesome though.  Anyhow, this is about their latest creations a pair of Porsche 997s which have made their debut at the SEMA show going on right now!

SEMA2014_LibertyWalk_Porsche997_2 SEMA2014_LibertyWalk_Porsche997_8 SEMA2014_LibertyWalk_Porsche997_9 SEMA2014_LibertyWalk_Porsche997_10 SEMA2014_LibertyWalk_Porsche997_11

There is just something about a Porsche that makes it the perfect candidate for a wide treatment and the 997 is no exception.  Liberty Walk knew just how to work the OEM body lines to create something eye-catching and compelling.  I’d love to see one of these in red, which I am sure will happen pretty soon after this double debut!  To get a better look at the two Liberty Walk Porsches just click on any of the thumbnails in this post and stay tuned for more SEMA car spotlights!

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