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SEMA 2014: Toyota Previews Their SEMA 2014 Line Up With A Fleet Of TRD Trucks And DUB Partnership


SEMA is fast approaching and the internet is starting to get sneak peeks of what we can expect to see unveiled at the biggest car convention in the world.  Toyota, decided to just show off a good portion of their line up in a special preview event in the heart of downtown Los Angeles.

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As you may have guessed, Toyota is all about the trucks as a fleet of TRD lifted trucks were lined up outside the venue and all of them were shod in a special livery designed by automotive artist Jon Sibal.  Although the trucks got top billing there were a few other non-truck SEMA projects on display.

SEMA2014_ToyotaSEMAPreview_1 SEMA2014_ToyotaSEMAPreview_2 SEMA2014_ToyotaSEMAPreview_3 SEMA2014_ToyotaSEMAPreview_4 SEMA2014_ToyotaSEMAPreview_5

SEMA2014_ToyotaSEMAPreview_6 SEMA2014_ToyotaSEMAPreview_7 SEMA2014_ToyotaSEMAPreview_8 SEMA2014_ToyotaSEMAPreview_9 SEMA2014_ToyotaSEMAPreview_10

For example a sliver FT-1 was hard parked front and center greeting all the guests who walked into the venue and further inside were two decked out Sienna vans.  One of the vans was completely transformed by West Coast Customs into a DJ’s dream as it converts into a concert level speaker system all wired to a set of turn tables.  The second van was the first of three vehicles that Toyota enlisted DUB to build.  The “DUB Edition” Sienna had flared fenders, huge wheels, and a luxurious interior complete with the obligatory screens and over the top in car entertainment.

SEMA2014_ToyotaSEMAPreview_17 SEMA2014_ToyotaSEMAPreview_20

The second DUB Editon car was a super wide Toyota Yaris that is meant to be in concept a smaller version of what DUB did with the Sienna as the Yaris all about sound and looks rather than performance.  Its super wide fender arches were a collaboration between DUB and 3D Conceptz.  The fenders are filled with 20 inch DUB dropstars wheels at each corner which look even more massive on such a small car.  The interior has a full suite of DUB edition equipment with three DUB amplifiers, two DUB 10 inch subwoofers and four more DUB speakers.  There is also a custom iPad set up and fiberglass enclosures for all the audio components.

The third DUB vehicle was announced at the event but not actually shown as they are saving it for SEMA but I would venture to guess that it will be a DUB Edition Toyota Camry.  As far as what they did with it I would further predict that we can expect to see a crazy audio set up, giant wheels, and a completely reworked interior.  For now you can check out some of the vehicles that were at the preview by clicking on the thumbnails and stay tuned for more SEMA previews!

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