Hype Democracy: Sign A Petition To Help Repeal The “25 Year” Car Import Ban Law



Any hardcore car person who lives in the good ol’ USA is probably aware more than one awesome car that for one reason or another is not and was never available for sale in America.  It really sucks when that happens!  These days regulations are pretty much the same when it comes to safety, compliance, and emissions, yet our government is so nit-picky that many OEMs rather just avoid the fight and sell their awesome cars elsewhere.  Technically, we can import some of those cars into the states…after 25 years!  How ridiculous is that?! This law didn’t make much sense back in 1988 when it was passed and it makes pretty much no sense now.

However, our government can sometimes be slow to move.  To help speed things up and enact change the guys at Petrolicious have started an official online petition to reduce the DOT/EPA ban from 25 years to 15 and allow the importation of “non-conforming” vehicles (Like the R34 GT-R for example).

Petrolicious makes the intelligent argument that a 15 year old car is not much different safety and emissions wise to pose any real threat and that tax revenue from importing cars can be put to good use. This petition needs 100,000 signatures to be brought before the Obama Administration.  As I am writing this post it currently sits at 30,487 (counting my signature) which means it needs an additional 69,513 signatures by September 5th 2014 to reach its goal.  If you believe in this cause then I encourage you to sign it.  It only takes a few moments and could lead to some real change!  If you do not believe in this cause then by all means disregard this post no harm, no foul.

Click HERE for the online petition!

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