Hype Video: Neymar Jr. vs Ken Block In “Footkhana” AKA Feet vs Tires!


When I was but a lad I played soccer or “football” as the rest of the world knows it, and I was actually pretty damn good but eventually I stopped.  However, even at my best I could never dream of some of trying the trick shots and stunts you are about to see in Ken Block’s latest take on Gymkhana.  This time he makes things interesting by pitting his Gymkhana driving skills against FIFA star Neymar Jr.’s freestyle football skills in a competition known as “Footkhana.”  Oh, and they actually are trying to score goals against each other.  Who wins?  I could tell you but its more fun to watch, so scroll down and enjoy the four and a half minutes of awesome courtesy of Neymar Jr, Ken Block, and Castrol.

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