NAIAS 2014: Lexus Reveals RC F Coupe Before Detroit Debut And I Was Wrong About Everything!


Remember a while back when Lexus released a teaser image of what they said would be their new “F” car to debut at Detroit? And I was so sure that it was going to be a new IS-F?  Annoyingly confident even?  Well, looks like I was totally wrong! It turns out that the teaser was for the coupe you see above which is the new Lexus RC-F.  Yes, that’s an “RC” not an “IS” but hey, we all have an off day every now and then right? Bah! Moving on; regardless of its name the new F car is still pretty fresh looking.  It still carries over the new “spindle” front grille (which I am not a huge fan of) although on the RC-F it seems much less…spindle-y.  What really makes the RC-F visually impressive are its fender arches and flares.  There are some lines on the car that seem so sharp that they could slice tomatoes and other lines that are so smooth they look like they were sculpted by water.  Its the blending of the two extremes that make the RC-F visually appealing in my opinion.  This kind of styling can easily go wrong but in this instance I think it not only works but works well.

Lexus also added a speed sensitive rear spoiler which will rise up and add extra downforce at speeds over 50mph.  Similar to the IS-F the RC-F also employs various ducts to channel air which also adds stability at higher speeds.  When it comes to performance Lexus is still somewhat tight lipped.  They have stated that the RC-F will have a V8 engine but horsepower and torque numbers have yet to be announced.  There is also no information on the RC-F’s suspension package or braking package.  I imagine all that info will be made public when the RC-F gets its official debut at the North American International Auto Show (NAIAS AKA Detroit Auto Show) in a few more days.  For now check out some pictures courtesy of Lexus by clicking the thumbnails below!

2015_Lexus_RC_F_1 2015_Lexus_RC_F_2

Press Release:

TORRANCE, Calif. (Jan. 8, 2014) – Giving new meaning to “back to the grind,” the daily commute is now transformed into a day at the track with the all-new Lexus RC F. The RC F coupe is styled to support the most powerful V8 performance car ever developed by Lexus.

Based on the spectacular all-new RC coupe that was revealed at the Tokyo Motor Show last November, the RC F has wider wheels and tires, an active rear wing, air scoops, cooling ducts and available carbon fiber components, each delivering uncompromising grit to the driving experience.

Design Exterior The signature Lexus spindle grille, featuring a subtle F-pattern on the lower half, dominates the front of the RC F from the bottom of the hood to the lower lip. The hood is higher than that of the RC to accommodate the larger V8 engine and create the powerful flared profile suited to an F model. Ducts beneath the front bumper, fenders, and strategically-placed aerodynamic stabilizing fins create a stance which further identifies the F model.

Air outlets at the rear of the front fender form the shape of an L when they merge with side sill extensions, while stacked trapezoidal quad-outlet tailpipes at the rear add further aggression. Taking design cues from the Lexus LFA supercar, the RC F features an available speed-sensitive active rear spoiler. It enhances the coupe’s lines at standstill and deploys from the RC F’s deck at approximately 50 mph and retracts when the speed is less than 25 mph. The wing helps the RC F maintain traction and stability at higher speeds.

Three variations of 10-spoke 19-inch forged aluminum wheels are available, including two machine polished designs and one design hand polished by a craftsmen.  

Design Interior The striking cockpit-like interior of Lexus RC F complements the aggressive exterior. Unique components include the meters, steering wheel, seats, ornamentation and pedals. The instrument panel is dominated by a central meter which changes according to the four selectable driving modes. The information, color of the display and size of text can be changed.

Occupant comfort is all important. RC F debuts a Lexus-first elliptical cross-section thick-grip steering wheel with optimum placement of paddle gear shifts. All-new high back seats with an embossed F on the headrests offer the driver and passenger an exceptional performance fit. The seats are available in a selection of five leather trims, each with contrasting stitching.

Outstanding new L-shaped rubber slits in the brake and accelerator pedals combine form and function to provide better foot grip.

The all-new RC F will be revealed at a press conference at the 2014 North American International Motor Show in W-152, formerly known as the Riverview Ballroom, at Cobo Center Jan. 14 at 8:45 am EST. The Lexus press conference will also be streamed live online at Follow the hashtag #AsphaltUp for more developments.

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