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SEMA 2013: “Fermented Fruit” Turbo-Diesel Hot Rod Truck Is The Sweetest


During my whirlwind trip to SEMA 2013 I spent most of my time hunting down modern tuner cars but also occasionally stopping for beautifully restored classics and even a lowrider or two.  However I can honestly say that the car that really stopped me in my tracks was a run-down looking farm truck.  Despite its looks there is a book worthy story behind this car and its immaculate patina.

SEMA2013_WelderUp_FermentedFruit_1 SEMA2013_WelderUp_FermentedFruit_2 SEMA2013_WelderUp_FermentedFruit_3 SEMA2013_WelderUp_FermentedFruit_4

The first thing that really caught my attention about this car was its name (along with the hand painted image on the door).  I wondered “why would someone name their build ‘Fermented Fruit’?”  I figured it was a play on words since it was an old, rotted looking truck named after old rotting fruit.  Turns out there is much more to it than that.

This truck was built by Las Vegas-based custom shop “Welder Up“.  The Welder Up team consists of artisan level fabricators and mechanics who specialize in building what most of us refer to as “Rat Rods” for their clientele.  These guys are so good that they will actually be the subject of a new Discovery channel show slated to start next year.

SEMA2013_WelderUp_FermentedFruit_5 SEMA2013_WelderUp_FermentedFruit_6 SEMA2013_WelderUp_FermentedFruit_7 SEMA2013_WelderUp_FermentedFruit_8

This truck is one of the first projects to be featured on the show and was built for a client who owns a fruit farm; hence the name.  While that is quite the epic pun its not even the best part about this truck.  See when Welder Up does a build they go above and beyond to personalize it to the client.  As such Fermented Fruit actually has many components that came straight from their client’s fruit farm.

For example the huge “exhaust tips” are actually from special smoke stacks that burn to help keep pests away from the fruit crops.  The wood paneling long the side of the truck bed come from crates used to store produce.  My personal favorite are the taillights (complete with dead beetles in them) which are actually jars normally used to store fruit preserves.

SEMA2013_WelderUp_FermentedFruit_9 SEMA2013_WelderUp_FermentedFruit_10 SEMA2013_WelderUp_FermentedFruit_11 SEMA2013_WelderUp_FermentedFruit_12

It really is an awesome truck to behold.  Even though I was on a super tight schedule I still spent at least 20 minutes speaking with Travis Deeter, one of the builders behind this creation.  Despite all the detail and work put into this truck it was completed in just 10 days with a only a team of 6 guys!

If you like what you see in the pictures you should definitely check out to see some of their other builds, its well worth the clicks.  I can’t wait until their show starts next year to see what else they’re working on.

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