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LA Auto Show 2013: Jaguar Brings The F TYPE Coupe To Los Angeles


Ok I am a little late to the party on my LA Auto Show coverage but this year I did it all by my lonesome!  That is a lot of RAW files to process (photo geek moment).  Anyhow I am kicking off my 2013 LA Auto Show coverage with my most anticipated booth of the year: Jaguar.  Ever since I learned that they would debut the F TYPE coupe in LA I was completely hyped about seeing it up close for myself.

Jaguar_LAAutoShow2013_2 Jaguar_LAAutoShow2013_3 Jaguar_LAAutoShow2013_4 Jaguar_LAAutoShow2013_5 Jaguar_LAAutoShow2013_6

I will say it now: it is everything that is good about cars.  Seriously, the F TYPE coupe is the kind of car that could make a non-believer fall in love with automobiles and turn into one of us.  It as absolutely gorgeous not just in its looks but its proportions and its intelligence in how much power is available.

The great about the F TYPE coupe is that like its convertible sibling it is also available with a V6.  A giant honking V8 can still be had but if you want a true drivers car with balance its rumored that the V6 is the way to go.  Pictures don’t do it justice but that’s all I can offer for now so I invite you to click on the thumbnails to enjoy larger pictures of not only the F TYPE coupe but the other updates in Jaguar’s 2014 line up plus a few shots of the C-X17 SUV concept which is quite beautiful in its own right.

Jaguar_LAAutoShow2013_11 Jaguar_LAAutoShow2013_12 Jaguar_LAAutoShow2013_13 Jaguar_LAAutoShow2013_14 Jaguar_LAAutoShow2013_15

Stay tuned for more 2013 LA Auto Show coverage and updates to this thread!

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