Hype: Mike Essa And Fredric Aasbo Try Razor’s New Drifting “Crazy Cart” By Tandem Battling Them (Video)

Anyone who has tried drifting can tell you how much fun it is but typically those people are at least 16 years old.  What can a kid interested in drifting do?  Well before the answer to that would have been nothing but thanks to Razor (yes the scooter people) and their new “Crazy Cart“, kids as young as 9 can feel what its like to get sideways.  Powered by an electric motor the Crazy Cart is a three wheeled cart (with caster wheels up front for additional support) that has the ability to instantly pitch sideways with a pull of an emergency brake-like handle on the side. 


Sounds fun right? To promote their new drifting Crazy Cart Razor has set up shop at Formula Drift Irwindale this weekend with a full booth and test track for attendees to drift a Crazy Car for themselves.  Since they were already at the “House of Drift” for one of the biggest drift events of the year Razor invited current points leader Michael Essa and Scion Racing driver Fredric Aasbo to try out their newest toy.

Naturally the two drivers took to the Crazy Carts like the proverbial duck to water.  Then, in a turn of events that shocked no one the two started tandem battling each other!  You can see the epic match up for yourself in the video below.  Also stay tuned for our personal review of the Razor Crazy Cart!

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