F1 Hype: Indian Grand Prix (Quick Result & Video)


Miss the Indian Grand Prix?  Did you also forget to DVR it?  No worries! We got all the important information right here.  Just make sure you really want to know before you keep reading!


Its official. Sebastian Vettel is officially the most boring driver in F1, oh and by winning the Indian Grand Prix over the weekend hes also the 2013 Formula One World Champion!  This makes four in a row for young Vettel but still three away from matching his hero and countryman Michael Schumacher in total championships.  Nico Rosberg grabbed a second place finish while Romain Grosjean came all the way back from 17th to finish third.

With three races left in the season, now all Vettel has to worry about is how he is going to continue to embarrass the rest of the grid until the year is over.

For Indian GP highlights check out the video below.

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