Hype Collab: FATLACE x Vertex T&E “Black Beauty” 330mm Steering Wheels

I know I have been posting a lot of collabs lately but they just seem to keep on coming!  This particular collab is one of those bits that will be really hard to get!  See, the guys at FATLACE teamed up with Vertex T&E in Japan to produce the “Black Beauty” steering 330mm steering wheel.

As the name suggests, the steering wheel is all black but it does feature white stitching around the inner circumference of the wheel and also has the Fatlace and Vertex logos in black stitching along with the ethos “No Matter How Hard You Try, You Can’t Stop Us Now”, also in black stitching. 

Sounds fresh right?  Well, there is a catch: only 20 wheels have been produced!  Yes! Just 20!  The only way to get one is to order online at Fatlace’s online shop and they go on sale this Wednesday.  So, if you want a super rare item for your interior then you better pound some serious caffeine on Tuesday night!  Good luck!

[Source: Store.Fatlace.com]

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