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Wheel Wednesday: Spoon Sports CR93

Welcome to what I like to call “Wheel Wednesday” where for the foreseeable future I will try to give at least one wheel related post every Wednesday to satisfy my wheel fiends out there.  Today’s post features the CR93.  Straight from the good folks at Spoon Sports, the CR93 is a cast aluminum wheel that will fit just about any Honda made in the last 10 years or so.  It has something of a “rally style” split 8-spoke design and comes in blue (seen in the pictures), Spoon yellow, and silver.  Depending on the application the CR93 is available in various offsets and lug patterns as well, although 17 inch is the only size they come in.

California is one of the biggest car culture cities in the country and I go to a lot of shows.  I have rarely seen this wheel when I am out making my rounds which means anyone with these wheels will definitely stand out, even in the Honda crowd.  A set will run about $1500 and can be ordered from the good folks at JHPUSA.  If I was building a Honda right now I would strongly consider these as my shoes of choice!  Granted they are cast but given their Spoon pedigree one can assume the quality is still top notch, plus they look pretty fresh!


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