F1 Hype: Belgian Grand Prix (Quick Result)

The Belgians have given the world more than a few awesome things: waffles and…ok well waffles mostly but they have also given us the Spa Francorchamps (and a really creative way to drink cappuccinos).  I won’t talk about waffles in this post (as much as I want to) but what I will do is give you the results to the Belgian Grand Prix held at Spa Francorchamps over the weekend in case you missed it and any repeats.  On that note scroll down and get informed!!


 1st place: Sebastian Vettel
2nd place: Fernando Alonso
3rd place: Lewis Hamilton

Points position:

1st: Sebastian Vettel (197 points)
2nd: Fernando Alonso (151 points)
3rd: Lewis Hamilton (139 points)
4th: Kimi Raikkonen (134 points)
5th: Mark Webber (115 points)

[Photo: Tom Gandolfini/AFP/Getty Images/Autoblog.com]

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