Hype Video: Behind The Scenes Of “Lights, Camera, Motors” Show At Disneyworld

I am out in California and I visit Disneyland and California Adventure fairly often so I don’t get too jealous of the Floridians that have Disneyworld in their back yard.  Although I have to say something I have always wanted to witness up close is the “Lights, Camera, Motors” stunt show which is an exclusive to Disneyworld.

The stunt show features custom made hatchbacks powered by motorcycle engines with sequential transmissions.  The cars do everything from drift, donuts, even jump backwards through fire!  Hopefully one day in the not too distant future I will have the chance to finally see the show up close for myself.  If you have seen it or want to know how it all works, Disney just released a short behind the scenes videos that covers everything from how the cars are built to what it takes to be a stunt driver.

Its definitely a great way to spend two and a half minutes!  Enjoy.

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