Wheel Hype: HRE FF01 Is Entry Level But Not “Cheap”

When it comes to the echelon of high quality wheels, HRE is certainly in the upper levels.  Their wheels can be seen on everything form high end import car builds to exotics like Ferraris and Lamborghinis.  They look fresh and are very high quality but as the saying goes “you get what you pay for” which means HRE wheels are very pricy and rightfully so.  Unfortunately, most people can’t quite afford to put a $10k set of rollers on their cars.

HRE feels their pain and has decided to provide an entry into their brand with their new “Flowform” line.  Named for the process in which the wheels are made Flowform is a special type of casting process.  OK, I know that you’ve been trained to fear the word “cast” as it is associated with low quality when it comes to wheels, Flowforming is different.  It is done using pressure rather than gravity, which results in a stronger wheel than traditional gravity casting would yield.

Further more HRE has reached out to a top notch facility in Japan to produce their Flowformed wheels.  Their first wheel in the new line is the FF01 which features the traditional “mesh” design that is certainly hard to hate.  The best part is that the FF01’s start at $2900 for a set of four, which is a pretty damn good price for HRE’s.  The FF01’s come in 19″ and 20″ sizes as well as various offsets and bolt patterns. 

I’m considering a set for my E39 in the future!  Click the thumbnail below for a full-size pic.

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