Retro Hype: Knight Rider Was Everything Right About The 80s (Video)

As a child I would sit down in front of the TV and be swept away by a tale; a tale of a man who did not exist.  He was a loaner who roamed the country righting wrongs and fighting evil doers.  He wasn’t alone though.  That would be boring.  This man, known as Michael Knight fought the forces of darkness with a car.  An incredibly advanced car with the voice of a English school teacher.  As a child I received hours of entertainment watching Michael Knight AKA Knight Rider armed with his mighty fro and Amazing car go on adventures.

I was such a big fan of Knight Rider that my first toy car was K.I.T.T. and my first big wheel was a K.I.T.T. big wheel.  I used to race the kid down the street with the Dukes of Hazard big wheel all the time.  We had some epic battles…  Anyhow, if you want a taste of what the REAL Knight Rider was like (not that crappy remake from a few years ago) check out the 80s-licious intro below.

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