Gaming Hype: GRID2 Location Previews & Track Info

A while back I made a promise to take all of you who have not experienced GRID2 yet on a journey through the various tracks in the game so you know what to expect.  Granted I am a bit late but I am going to keep my promise damnit!  Anyhow, today I grant you a preview of some of the major locations in GRID2 so that you know what to expect.


When you get to California in GRID2 it will be a “point to point” race through “Big Sur” a beautiful national park along California’s central coast.  It will be a pretty decent stretch of road at 5.9 miles and challenging with 46 turns.  Make sure you don’t get distracted by the scenery, because you may end up being a part of it if you don’t focus up! 



When you get to Dubai you will race along the Al Sufouh strip which is a major urban area of Dubai.  Obviously that means this will be a street course and will have all the pros and cons therein.  The Al Sufouh course is 3.4 miles through its longest route and has about 20 turns.



What can be said about Indy that hasn’t been said already.  The home of one of the biggest races in all of motorsports, Indianapolis is the place where everyone wants to win no matter what racing discipline you prefer.  There are several configurations of the infield as well as the historic 2.5 mile 4 turn oval.  Pick your poison!


What is more awesome and daunting than driving through Paris?  Probably not much.  On this street course you will race through the heart of the city, even through the Arc d’Triomphe!  The course is medium size at 3.3 miles with 17 turns.  Pass in the straights!



Abu Dhabi has recently become a major point of interest in the world of motorsports.  When visiting this area you will race on the famous Yas Marina GP circuit.  If you are a fan of F1 then you already know this course well.  Its 3.5 miles of fresh asphalt curves like a snake through 20 turns.  Drivers can be really creative with their lines here.  This is a place to be aggressive.


Well that about does it for my little preview.  I have only gone over a few of the locations that are featured in GRID2.  There are plenty more each with their own unique attributes.  I have yet to experience them all myself but I will soon and once I have finished come back to check out my full GRID2 review!

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