E3 2013: Interview With Dan Greenawalt Of Turn 10 Studios. Forum Questions Are Answered! (Video)

Last night Turn 10 Studios threw a huge party to kick off E3 2013 and celebrate the debut of Forza Motorsport 5.  A few really big announcements were made, including the addition of open wheel racing to Forza Motorsport 5 which includes Indy Car.  Yes, Indy Cars will finally be a part of Forza.  Dan mentioned that 4 teams from Indy will be in Forza Motorsport 5.  He did not mention which teams but I would safely assume that Team Penske and the Chip Ganassi team will make an appearance.


I also had the chance to sit down with Dan for a quick interview.  But first a little history: a few days ago we went to the official Forza community forums and asked the readers to let us know what Forza 5 questions they would ask Dan if they had the chance.  We then took the most asked questions and used our face time with Dan to get them some answers and address concerns.


Well, I accomplished that mission…kind of…  You see, I did interview Dan and get those questions answered; however when we were ready to edit the video and make it look nice we found out that the audio was horrible.  Basically the microphone picked up everything except what Dan and I were saying to each other.  So, instead of just tossing the interview I decided to do a voice over narration and discuss our interview.  I go over everything I asked and the answers I received.  All of which you can watch below.  Enjoy!

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