Hype Event: WekFest LA 2013 (Gallery)

Before the Monaco GP, the Indy 500, and tons of artery clogging BBQ the Memorial Day weekend kicked off in Long Beach at Wekfest in the shadow of the Queen Mary.  If the background in the pictures looks familiar its because I was just there for Toyotafest.  No matter though.  The important part is I have a gallery of clean cars for you to enjoy!  WekFest is always a great show if you are really about fit and finish.  You can look at over 100 cars at WekFest and not find a single fake wheel or knock-off body kit.  The vibe at this event is all about being clean and simple.  There is also plenty of variety as well.  Old school, Euro, track cars, you name it, it was there!

Enough talk though.  Check out a few teaser images by clicking the thumbnails below and hit the red text for the Facebook gallery.


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