Toyota Grand Prix Of Long Beach: Mother’s Car Show (Gallery)

The Toyota Grand Prix of Long Beach plays host to several motorsport events over the course of one weekend.  In fact there is so much going on that sometimes once one event is over they have to get out of the way to make room for another event.  One such example is the Mother’s Car Show.  You see, the ALMS main race takes place on Saturday but the Mother’s Car show takes place on the same real estate used by ALMS for their paddock.  So, by Saturday night all the big rigs, equipment, trailers, and teams from ALMS are gone to make way for the car show.  By Sunday morning what once was a hub for all things LeMans becomes a sea of gleaming super cars.

Traditionally it is one of the first things I shoot Sunday morning, and this year was no different.  There were a slew of top notch automotive art on hand and armed with my trusty camera I snapped all the cars I thought were worth snapping.  There are some preview thumbnails below and you can hit the red text for the full gallery on our Facebook page.


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