Hype Video: Jaguar Releses Teaser For F-TYPE Movie “Desire”

I have been to my share of auto shows in my life and have been witness to many debuts.  While they are somewhat entertaining I always thought that the coming of a new automobile should be a more theatrical event.  It turns out that Jaguar shares my vision and have been hard at work producing a movie starring their beautiful new F-TYPE roadster.

The film’s, well human star is Damian Lewis (of Homeland fame) as a “delivery man” who has taken on the task of driving a brand new F-TYPE to its brand new owner.  The trouble is, his route takes him through the middle of a desert that seems to be full of shady characters who all want to the F-TYPE before the delivery man can reach his destination.  How bad does it get?  You’ll see in the trailer below.

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