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Hype Video: DC Shoes Presents Robbie Maddison In “AIR.CRAFT”

DC Shoes athletes have been starring in videos for a long, long time.  When I say “long time” I’m seriously talking about the days of VHS tapes here.  Remember those? The black retangular things you would put in a device called a VCR?  Anyway, history aside  it was Ken Block’s Gymkhana series that really boosted DC videos when it came to the online space.  However, DC is now trying something different.  In their latest video they go from four wheels to two as they unleashed freestyle motocross rider Robbie Maddison on an aircraft graveyard in Arizona for a piece named “AIR.CRAFT” to promote Robbie’s new DC Shoes Teamworks line.

Much like Block’s gymkhana videos AIR.CRAFT features some amazing stunts filmed with Hollywood blockbuster style production work.  This video is shot beautifully with some simply amazing camera angles, just enough use of slow motion, and best of all, not a single note of dubstep!

Scroll down and watch this video to feast your eyes to go along with your breakfast.   Your retnas will thank you for it!

P.S. If at all possible watch this in 1080p!  Especially if you have a way to watch YouTube on your TV.  Also, stay tuned after the action for some behind the scenes shots.

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